Arvil Lounge High Back

Arvil Lounge High Back

Arvil, captures your soul with all of nature’s energy. Sometimes it’s the rainbow’s magical spark… Sometimes it’s the recherche of a 4 leafed clover, a lucky charm… Or the heart warming smell of soil that awakens in spring… Suddenly your paths cross again with an old friend.. Arvil… Maybe when you turn a corner… Arvil catches you with a welcoming sincerity when you come eye to eye with it…Reliable, compassionate, friendly… Arvil is a companion that hughs your soul firmly in life’s büstle… You continue your conversations with the same trust, joy, sincerity… It offers it’s compassion as a gift when you need the most… Arvil Collection is inspired by the safety feeling when you feel at home. Collection pieces are designed ergonomicly with only the thought of your comfort in mind. The designs were created in modularity by taking into consideration the variability. The comfortable structure that surrounds the body is combined with aesthetics in a beautiful harmony… Arvil… Everything you need for your life…

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