Cali Armchair

Cali Armchair

In the old streets of Tuscany, filled with culture and joy, you may instantly find yourself in a Locanda. In that moment, you feel comfortable and cared, welcomed in a cozy and intimate place with delicious dishes and good accomodation. Locanda is a kind of Inn with restaurant and accommodation facilities. LOX Design presents a new chair collection: "Locanda". Inspired from Locandas, the new collection consists of 6 unique chairs from 3 designers. Each designer's perspective gives different taste to the collection by enriching it with a new modern looking. All the chairs in the collection has upholstered seating with wooden back , which is a typical chair character in an original Locanda restaurant. This wooden structure helps it to be easily cleaned, also provides easy complience with hygiene standards of restaurants. The high quality of Locanda Collection comes from our craftsmanship, distinctive design with the soul of the old Locandas. We believe that luxury lives in beautiful details. Locanda collection is a perfect fit for the most beautiful restaurants, hotels and residences. Using expert craftmanship and materials, Locanda Collection chairs are comfortable, stylish and timeless in design.

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