Eaton Armchair

Eaton Armchair

Air, water and freedom birleştir The basic sources of life of people muş A line liberated from the limits of the past and the future, extending to freedom ve A courage that unites yesterday and tomorrow ... A perfect balance built with contrasts ... The charm of the legendary beauty from time to time ... Two opposing souls met in freedom between the old and the new ... This is an extraordinary story of freedom ... Created with the passion of freedom, Eaton Collection exhibits the most phonetic harmony of classical and modern lines. The design determines the mood of the place with the mobility of its details. The coatings used in the collection meet the different identity of LOX and create an attractive harmony between classic and modern. The different sizes of the parts in the collection produced with "Class A" material define their place in the living space spontaneously and freely. Eaton Collection ... We offer you the freedom in the spirit of opposites ...

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